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Standard Reels with NSN

Small Frame Reel

Reelcraft manufactures industrial grade hose, cord and cable reels that are used at the federal, state and local levels. Provided below are reels with existing National Stock Numbers (NSN). We also provide a full line of commercial reels and have full engineering / design capabilities. If the part you are looking for is not listed, our customer service members can assist you by calling 1-855-634-9109.

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NSN #DescriptionReelcraft Part #Old Part #
3433-00-346-3574 Reel, Welding Hose TW7400 OLP TW7400OLP
3750-01-550-3965 Reel Assembly, Hose 4800-31-8-15BSPPZ3  
4130-01-306-7273 Reel Assembly, Hose 7850 OLP 7850-OLP
4210-01-421-9642 Reel Assembly, Hose CA33112 L C33112L
4910-00-141-8172 Reel and Hose Assembly, Water Dis 5420 OMP 5420-OMP
4910-01-199-4969 Reel and Hose Assembly, Water Dis 4420 OLP 4420-OLP
4910-01-546-0956 Water-Air Reel and Hose Assembly 7650 OLP  
4910-01-571-2504 Reel and Hose Assembly, Compresse TW7450 OLP TW7450-OLP
4930-01-311-2882 Reel Assembly, Hose 7600 OLP 7600-OLP
4930-01-536-0842 Reel, Cable G 3050 G3050
4930-01-548-5809 Reel Assembly, Hose D8850 ELP D8850-ELP
4940-01-380-1288 Reel Assembly, Hose CA30106 L C30106L
4940-01-383-5604 Reel Assembly, Hose CA30112 L C30112L
4940-01-435-1092 Reel Assembly, Hose CA33106 L C33106L
4940-01-447-2146 Reel Assembly, Hose H18000 M49 H18000M49
4940-01-475-3635 Reel Assembly, Hose 7670 OLP  
4940-01-475-3640 Reel Assembly, Hose TW7450 OLPT  
4940-01-475-3647 Reel Assembly, Hose D9375 OLPBW D9375 OLP
4940-01-495-2498 Reel Assembly, Hose AA32106L4A  
4940-01-558-3535 Reel Assembly, Hose CA30122 L CA30122L
6150-01-573-5518 Cable Assembly and Reel L 4545 123 3 L45451233