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Reelcraft Problem Solving - FAQs


  1. How do I increase or reduce spring tension?
  2. Can hand crank reels be converted to motor driven reels?
  3. Can I adjust guide position on an enclosed 5000/7000 reel?
  4. Can my spring driven reel be made "constant tension"?
  5. How do I replace the latch spring on my 7000 Series reel?
  6. How do I install a drive spring?
  7. How many GPM's will I get from my hose?
  8. What does the solenoid do and why might I need one?
  9. What type of switch do I need for my motor?
  10. How to wire an AC motor circuit
  11. How to wire a DC motor circuit
  12. How to wire a bidirectional AC motor circuit

Problem Solving

  1. Air pressure or fluid flow restricted
  2. Hose or cord will not retract
  3. Material leaking from swivel
  4. Reel will not latch
  5. Slow down the speed of a motor driven reel

Reel Instructional Videos

  1. How to correctly position the guide arm
  2. How to replace the cord set on a reel
  3. How to replace the latch spring
  4. How to change a guide arm
  5. How to change a swivel
  6. How to adjust spring tension
  7. How to install a spring driven hose reel
  8. How to change the hose - Series 7000
  9. How to operate the latching mechanism - Series 4000/5000/5005
  10. Latching mechanism description - Series 4000/5000/5005